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Chin Ran Real Story

Name / Chin Ran
Age / 27
When / July.2014
What / Zygoma reduction, Jaw reduction, Genioplasty, Rhinoplasty, Fat graft

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Why! Did I visit TL Plastic surgery?

I used to have very angular face.

My eyes were pretty and feminine, but my angular face makes me look masculineL

My cheek bones were so prominent that I can not smile when I take photos.

And my jaw bone is so wide, I couldn’t even dream about V line face.

Then, I found TL Plastic surgery on the internet.

I checked Doctor’s profile and before & after photos of the patients from TL Plastic surgery.

Finally I made my mind to visit TL Plastic surgery in Korea!

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What surgery did I receive?

It was not an easy decision to Fly all the way to Korea For Plastic surgery.

During the face to face consultation,

Doctor explained me the detailed surgery method that can solve my problems!

Doctor was so kind and reliable 🙂

Doctor suggested facial contouring surgery to make V line face, and fat graft to give volume.

I believe that I can have 3 dimensional face after the surgery !

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After the surgery : 6 months

See the difference for yourself

chinran_eng_05 TL plastic surgery

For 3 days after the surgery,

My face was so swollen that I can not sleep well 🙁

But from day 4, Bruising and swelling

started to subside~

Doctor told me to eat well For fast recovery.

I ate soy milk and porridge for the first week.

chinran_eng_06 TL plastic surgery

I could start to see the difference!

As swelling went down, my slim face line started to be shown.

I couldn’t stop taking selfies 😉

Nurse told me that Light exercise helps fast recovery,

So I often went for a walk Instead of staying in bed all day!

chinran_eng_07 TL plastic surgery

Time flies!

A months passed by so fast.

I Still wear compression bandage And I’m trying to wear compression  bandage

As much as possible.

chinran_eng_08 TL plastic surgery

Now, I don’t have to hide my face With hair.

After fat graft, my forehead got So beautiful,

I wanted to show off!

Doctor said I still have some swelling, and I can’t wait for the final result 🙂

chinran_eng_09 TL plastic surgery

I’m used to my new beautiful face, and I’m so confident of myself.

I start to wear make upm, And I can feel that my face has improved a lot!

Also, people told me that I look so much younger than before 🙂

I’m so satisfied with it !

chinran_eng_10 TL plastic surgerychinran_eng_11 TL plastic surgery

My life has been changed.

I’ve never heard that I look younger than my age before the surgery.

Now, Everyone told me that I look so much younger!

I’m trying new hair style that I would never tried before,

I’m getting more beautiful every day 🙂

It is good to hear that I’m pretty from other people.

But the better thing is that I love myself more than before!

Thanks to TL Plastic surgery once again !!