golden-ratio TL plastic surgery[Column] [Doctor Choi Sewoon] Definition of a Beautiful Face

Beauty is easy enough to spot, but tricky to define—despite countless attempts to do so. Sometime around 300 B.C., the Greek mathematician Euclid identified the “Golden Proportion,” an ideal face two-thirds as wide as it is tall, with a nose no longer than the distance between the eyes.

In the 1930s, Max Factor launched his Beauty Micro-meter, a Hellraiser-esque studded cage that measured every inch of a starlet’s head to determine where she needed the makeup maestro’s signature sleight of hand most.

And in 1997, a retired California plastic surgeon introduced the Marquardt Mask, a robotic-looking web of lines that dissects faces using the ratio of 1 to 1.618, or phi. Identified in ancient Greece, this magical mystery ratio somehow governs the proportions of everything from human embryos to azalea buds.

With the increasing awareness of “presentable outer appearances” as a plus, more and more people try to “groom” and “beautify” themselves. Of course “outer appearances” do not determine the worth of a person but I personally believe it does have effects in many ways. How we are first perceived is through the visual organ “eyes” and first impression is a key to the image making. To achieve the golden ratio, mid face plays a key role.

To help your better understanding, please refer to the photo below.

_뗡뀹_メ꼺_㎭녅_뗡뀿1 TL plastic surgery

There clearly is a big difference when the circle’s horizontal and vertical lengths were halved. When the circle’s vertical length was halved, the circle looks squashed but when the horizontal length was halved, the circle looks slim and small.

side-zygoma TL plastic surgery

Depending on the direction of the projection, zygoma is divided into 3: side, 45 degree, and front zygoma, and the side zygoma has the biggest effect on the width of the face. When the side zygoma is projected from the side profile, overall flow of the face is not natural and makes the face looks spread out and mid face look wide. There is a magnitude of difference but most of the Korean women have distinctive side zygoma and have issues with the facial shape or zygoma.

Mid face is a very important area of the face where cheek bones are located, which compose the facial structure and determines the width of the face. The direction or degree of the projection largely impacts the shape of the face, therefore mid face is probably the most important aspect that defines a beautiful face.








zygoma-reduc TL plastic surgery

The picture above is my actual Quick Zygoma Reduction patient. She had a face contouring procedure at a different clinic, but she was not happy with the result and had to undergo a revision with me. She already had good proportion and small head. However, because of the protruded side zygoma, her face seemed wide, bumpy and rugged. After the Quick Zygoma Reduction, her facial line looks more toned, softer, and more feminine.

Some patients worry that Quick Zygoma Reduction surgery is a “simplified” version of 3D zygoma reduction. The truth is, it is a new technology with countless pros; shorter operation time, sedation, shorter recovery period, and the like. It only makes sense to get the operation on the needed part; side zygoma rather than all 3 parts of the zygoma. Depending on your zygoma type and the situation, you should be able to choose what is best for you.

Also, please remember despite its fast operation time, Quick Zygoma Reduction is a very complicated and delicate surgery. I recently came across some clinics offering this surgery at a ridiculously inexpensive price. Choosing the cheapest clinic is a very dangerous decision. Please choose wisely. Remember: Quality before quantity. Safety first.


Doctor/Director Choi Sewoon
TL Plastic Surgery Korea