[Doctor Choi Sewoon] Quick Zygoma Reduction: A 20-minute Miracle
In a fast-paced society we are living in today, time is considered as money and every single tik-tok is valuable, especially in a Korean society where everyone constantly sho…uts “Bballi bballi (means hurry up)”. As much as people wanting to have a more beautiful face, people seek a method of surgery which requires the 3 L’s;  the east pain, least operation time, and least invasive.
Quick Zygoma Reduction satisfies the 3 L’s; surgery takes only approximately 20 minutes operation time. It is not only quick but also safe as there is no dissection; hence no saggy cheeks post-surgery.
tl-quick TL plastic surgery
The upgraded TL Quick Zygoma Reduction is perfect for those who have uneven facial line, projected cheekbones wider than the temple, sunken cheeks with shading under the cheek bones or anyone with strong and stubborn images due to any reason above.
Quick Zygoma Reduction surgery helps to soften the strong and stubborn image because of their facial structure (cross section of the cheekbone due to zygomatic bone osteotomy). Since check bones are partially cut, the reduction range is wider by rotation.
process TL plastic surgery
Quick Zygoma Reduction perfectly predicts the space that cheekbone would be moved inwardly by 3D CT. Then the cheekbone is moved inwardly through minimal incision about 2~3mm at the scalp that above ear instead of the complicated intraoral incision. The incision area above ear is stitched afterwards, making sure the cheekbone was correctly moved inwardly to its ideal location.
Of course this “miracle in 20 minute” sounds too good to be true, but it is. You must always remember, this is something permanent to your body. New face= new life? yes and no. I believe human body is a temple of its spirit . As a plastic surgeon and a father of a child, I beg of you to give it an enough thought before you alter your temple. Please think carefully if your current “misery” is really because of your outer appearances. If it is the inner pain, your happiness and new life won’t come. Happy spirit will shine through and glow you.
After all, plastic surgery is more like vitamin, not a cure to your problems.
Doctor/Director Choi Sewoon
TL Plastic Surgery Korea