There is a one thing that made its way to survive in this fast-changing times and became the absolute standard of beauty. That is the V-shaped face. Face shape plays the most crucial role in defining the beautiful face. Also, skin elasticity is never to forget!

I am proud to introduce out earth shattering new technology which just got a patent license. TL Power V.

Power V Lifting works for people with anatomically a small jaw, square jaw, excess fat on the face, double chin, and sagging jaw line. It removes unnecessary fat off the face and knits the soft tissues together so it offers V-Line without cutting the bones.

Power V works wonders for patients in different age groups. Patients in their 20s can improve their skin elasticity in the chin and cheek area, where aging has just begun, and patients in their 30s-50s can achieve a v-shaped face with the benefits you would get from any lifting procedures. This is why Power V is so amazing!

Did you know?

Did you know that only 25%of the patients need to shave down the bones to have a v-shaped face? 65% can achieve a v-line without invasive surgeries. (Other 10% don’t need surgeries)

power-v-2 TL plastic surgery

Power V Lifting simultaneously removes the fat and lifts up your face, so you can achieve a small face and the v line at the same time. Power V does not require oesteotomy, therefore it is less risky yet the result is to die for. You will be released to go home the same day as the surgery (no hospitalization needed), which means you can enjoy your regular daily life the following day. Because we perfectly analyze each and every one of our patient’s skin thickness, elasticity, and the jaw bone/muscle development, the result is very precise and effective. We carefully design the parts that need lifting after watchfully removing the fat according to the patient’s face shape, then proceed with the procedure under sedation.


Power V Lifting uses the minutest and the most exquisite needles to inject high frequency laser and ultrasound wave to finely dissolve, remove, and knit together the smas layer and the skin layer. Unlike facial contouring or square jaw botox, TL’s Power V not only improves overall v line of the face, but also revitilizes and tightens the skin, giving the resilient jaw line.


power-v-3 TL plastic surgery

Key Benefits of Power V Lifting

•V-Line is achieved without cutting your jaw bones.

•Excess fat removal and lifting give you a smaller face with V-Line

•Experts with 18 years of rich experiences in studying aging, lifting, and fat graph

•Satisfied patients through reduced the risk of scarring and swelling


Doctor/Director Jeong Yeonho
TL Plastic Surgery