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In my opinion, beautiful breasts should never have a sudden projection of the upper breasts. They should start of from flat to gradually rise to form a tear drop, where the bottom of the breasts are full like a shape of a teardrop. There should be no awkward lining but should create a beautiful silhouette from the top to bottom.


The original TL Teardrop Breast Surgery is divided into 2: “Waterful Breast Surgery” where teardrop shaped implant is used and “Teardrop Breast Surgery” where regular round shaped implant is used to create the teardrop shaped breasts.


What is “TL Waterful Breast Surgery?”

“TL Waterful Breast Surgery” is literally inserting the implant in the shape of a teardrop. It has an advantage of achieving the actual shape of a teardrop, since the implant itself has a shape of a teardrop. However, it is a difficult surgery since the precise angle and positioning of the implant is required.

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What is  “TL Tear-drop Breast Surgery?”

“TL Tear-drop Breast Surgery?” uses the existing round implants and creates the natural teardrop line even in the case where the patients’ condition is only suitable for a round shaped implants. Therefore, round implants do not always mean “unnatural” and if the doctor has skills and talents, it is possible to create beautiful teardrop shaped breasts despite the types of the implants.

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Why Choose TL?

TL Plastic Surgery was the first to originally start the tear drop breast surgery. Not to boast, but I have been performing breast surgeries only for more than 10 years. Utilizing my superior know-how gained through years of experience, you can expect natural and full breasts no matter your current breasts. Not only the gracefully perfect shape, but the texture after the surgery is very natural like your own skin and I can personally guarantee the most satisfactory result.


Doctor/Director Yim Joonghyuk
TL Plastic Surgery