Lateral canthoplasty
  • Duration

  • Anesthesia

  • Hospitalization

  • Stitch out
    after 7days

  • Downtime

  • Recovery may vary
    on individuals

  • What is Mongolian fold?

Will only the double eyelid make your eyes beautiful?
Improve the mongolian fold for the small eyes by invisible scar epicanthoplasty

About 60% of Asians has mongolian fold. This is fold from medial upper eyelid to lower eyelid.
The mongolian fold covers medial part of the eyes and it makes the eyes look small.
If you only undergo double eyelid surgery without epicanthoplasty when you have mongolian fold,
the result could be unnatural and less effective.

  • Epicanthoplasty
  • Before VS After
  • Before – Wide length between the eyes / Strong looking
  • After – Balanced length between the eyes /Gentle impression but more defined looking
  • TL invisible scar epicanthoplasty
  • null
  • null
  • Customized design for the hidden space of inner corner of medial eyelid
  • To minimize scar, fine incision on the conjunctival line
  • Remove excessive skin and tissue
  • Natural and defined eyes without showing redness
  • Suitable condition
  • If you want big eyes
  • If your eyes look small because of Mongolian fold
  • If you have wide length between your eyes
  • If you still have mongolian fold covering your eyes even after epicanthoplasty