• TL Facial contouring surgery
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    Zygoma reduction

    Make protruding cheekbones smoother

  • null

    Square jaw reduction

    Angled and prominent Jaw reduction

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    Revisional facial contouring

    Precise diagnosis for successful result

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    Chin reduction

    Make wide and blunt chin slimmer

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    3 dimensional volume contouring

    Give volume to sunken area

  • Facial contouring system
Exclusive facial contouring system for effective and safe surgery
  • 3 dimensional thorough analysis with 3D-CT
  • Professional plastic surgeons specialized in Facial contouring
  • Stationed exclusive anesthesiology team
  • Exclusive medical staff for facial contouring surgery
  • Exclusive medical staff for post operative care
  • Continuous research for facial contouring
  • Safety First Safe medical system
Exclusive facial contouring system for effective and safe surgery
  • Speedy response to all emergency situations!

TL emergency system puts our patients’ safety first
  • SYSTEM 01

power supplies
Backup power
  • SYSTEM 02

Real-time monitoring during the surgery,
waking up from the anesthesia
  • SYSTEM 03

Illiminates infection through
sterilization system
  • SYSTEM 04

Arterial tube & arterial
pressure monitoring
  • SYSTEM 05

Prompt response
in case of emergency
  • SYSTEM 06

Prompt response
in case of emergency
  • Professional facial contouring specialist’s
  • Direct operation
  • Knowhow from years of facial contouring surgery
  • Joint treatment of facial contouring specialists
  • Experience of various facial contouring cases
  • Performing live surgery amid plastic surgeons from abroad
  • Continuous research about facial contouring
  • Study for new method of facial contouring
  • Only for who really need facial contouring

We provide safer and more satisfactory
result with years of experience
  • Constant research about facial contouring,

We have pride for the result with
individual customized surgery
Facial contouring Center 8