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Kang Ji won Real Story

Name / Kang Ji Won
Age / 29
When / October.2014
What / Power V Lifting, Mesh Lifting

jiwon_eng_02 TL plastic surgery

Why! Did I visit TL Plastic surgery?

Since childhood, I was stressed with my chubby cheeks despite my slim figure T.T

It seemed like I always had candies in my both cheeks like a hamster and my malocclusion made my cheeks and jaws look even chubbier.

I tried exercising and went on numerous diet to lose fat off my jaw line, but didn’t work.

So I had double jaw surgery at another clinic 2 years before.

I was very happy with the results of double jaw surgery, but my skin lost elasticity which made my cheeks saggy and my overall features looked worse.

I hope this surgery will give back my youthful appearance and a perfect V line.

I’m very excited and looking forward to the transformation and TL seems the right choice where all my needs will be fulfilled.

jiwon_eng_03 TL plastic surgery

What surgery did I receive?

jiwon_eng_04 TL plastic surgery

Before the surgery, I had the last consultation with Dr. Jeong.

I felt a little embarrassed but Dr. Jeong took one look at my face and pointed out all the parts that I felt stressed about.

He also told me the solutions for improvement which made me trust him more.

When you do double jaw surgery, it could cause you to have droopy cheeks.

In my case, my cheeks were all drooped skin so going on a diet and losing weight will not help.

I don’t have a square jaw, but my droopy cheeks made my face line look uneven.

Dr. Jeong said the fat under my chin could be removed by Power V lift and also Mesh lifting

will improve my skin elasticity and give smooth face line.

I’m so excited to have a V line face which I always wanted.

I want to see the “new” me.


After the surgery : 3 months

See the difference for yourself

jiwon_eng_05 TL plastic surgery

With butterflies in my stomach, the surgery was over ^^

It was non-incisional surgery, but I felt nervous just to lie on the operating table.

I wondered that thread lifting would really be effective and was looking forward for the results!

For 1~2 weeks, I had injection marks from Power V lifting, but it’s wasn’t noticeable and could be covered by makeup

My face line was incredibly smooth even right after the surgery.

I could see that all the fat under my chin was all removed!

jiwon_eng_06 TL plastic surgery

All the swelling and bruising were gone and people keep asking what my secret was to my small face, that I’m almost getting tired of it! >.<

When I tell them I had Power V lifting and Mesh lifting, everyone says I got prettier 🙂

I’m still doing the compressor head band very often to keep my line smooth and firm.

jiwon_eng_07 TL plastic surgery

My job is a fitting model and now, I no longer do shading and contouring makeup to make my face look small.

All my sagging chin and cheeks are gone now and love getting makeup and doing shoots much than ever!

People say I also seem like I lost weight because my face got smaller 🙂

I didn’t know that my smoother face line could get so many compliments! I’m so happy!

jiwon_eng_08 TL plastic surgery

It’s been already 3 months since I did Power V lifting and Mesh lifting.

Because I did lifting together, it feels like my face is getting smaller and smaller as time goes by!

A few days ago, I saw my old pictures before the surgery and was surprised at how I used to look.

Even though I did a lot of photoshop, my V line in photos can’t never be the same with real natural V line that I have now!

Before the surgery, I was dubious that someone in their 20’s like me could get lifting.

But now I understand that face line should be cared for since the 20’s.

If you’re stressed out with your chubby face although you have slim body like me, don’t get stressed anymore!

Go have Power V lifting right now!

jiwon_eng_09 TL plastic surgeryjiwon_eng_10 TL plastic surgery

I’m so happy that I don’t need to use photoshop or camera apps to post selfies on SNS.

I post them right away without making any corrections ^^*

I feel more confident taking shoots when I’m working and I’m enjoying my life more than ever!