• Customized step system for quick recovery
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    1:1 customized care system

    Personalized Recovery Oriented Services

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    Personalized Health Management system

    Highly coordinated care of additional 1:1 services

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    Specialist lifting medical team

    Medical estheticians take care of each patient

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    Multi care system

    Provide the treatment for common medical symptoms, such as, bruising, pain, and swelling

Operation Day : Prescribe medicine
Week1 : De-swelling care
Week2 : RF care
After-care system
  • Prescribe medicine provide mouth wash
  • De-swelling care
  • CRYOCELL care
  • RF care
  • Genesis laser care
  • Non- surgical medication avoid Before Surgery

Avoid these in the Days Before and After Surgery
  • Before surgery
  • Be sure to bathe before coming to the hospital and all jewelry should be removed. Do not wear make – up or fingernail polish or toenail.
  • In the day surgery wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.
  • Avoid certain medicines before 2 weeks and make sure to review with the doctor all medicines that you are taking.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol 7 days  prior to the surgery.
  •  It’s better someone to bring you the day after surgery.
  • After surgery
  • Please follow the instructions carefully.
  • Sleep with your head elevated above the level of the heart and make sure you do not damage the incision line during sleep.
  • No strenuous activity and heavy lifting for recovery time.
  • Do not smoke for at least 30 days following surgery. The longer you avoid smoking, the better your healing will progress.