Elastic Band Lifting
Neck Lift for Fine Wrinkles
Endoscopic forehaed Lift
Cat’s Lifting
  • Duration
    1hr-1hr 1/2

  • Anesthesia
    Sedative sedation

  • Hospitalization

  • Stitch removal
    7-10 days

  • Recovery may vary
    on individuals

  • Complete sophisticated image with the improvement

of eye wrinkles and saggy eyelids!

Minimal incision without scarring in suture No scarring!

  • TL Cat’s lifting surgical procedure

Lifting cheeks, nasolabial folds, wrinkles on middle part of face and remove protruding under-eye fat pads

  • null

    Step 01

    Minimal incision near temples

  • null

    Step 02

    Tighten skin in the direction of an arrow and
    maximize lifting effect with fixation inside scalp

  • null

    Step 03

    (No scarring due to
    incision placed inside scalp)

The scope of incision and location will be different according to the depth of wrinkle and skin type.

  • Lifting & Ant-aging Wholly Responsibility Management System
  • Lifting & Ant-aging Wholly Responsibility Management System
  • Lifting & Anti-aging surgery specialist team
  • Lifting & Anti-aging medical treatment for post-operative care
  • Dedicated anesthesiologist while during anesthesia
    1:1 exclusive system for each patient
Neck Lift for Fine Wrinkles 1
  • Assiduous studies & research activities in the field of lifting & anti-aging
  • Abundant clinical experience through various cases!

1:1 wholly responsibility management carried out!
  1. Plastic surgery specialists with profound experience & know-how Guarantee patient safety & satisfaction
  2. Presentation about the success of the clinical trial to home & abroad
  3. Live education carried out towards domestic & international medical staff
  4. Reports through public broadcasting & academic journals
  5. Extended research activities about lifting
  • Domestic & International live education progression for medical staffs
  • MBC Live TV program “This morning” participated in as an advisory
  • LA Times K-herald TL Plastic Surgery Reports
Power V Lift
  • TL’s Lifting
  • TL’s experts carried out live education towards medical experts in home & abroad
  • Dr. Jung Yeon Ho of TL plastic surgery aired in MBC Live show “Today Morning” as an advisory doctor
  • LA times K-herald reported news about TL plastic surgery
  • TL Lifting & Anti-Aging
  • Safe material approved by KDFA
  • Wholly charged lifting anesthesia system
  • Fast and effective V-line
  • 1:1 customized & personalized management with a high satisfactory result