Elastic Band Lifting
Neck Lift for Fine Wrinkles
Endoscopic forehaed Lift
Cat’s Lifting
  • Duration
    1hr-1hr 1/2

  • Anesthesia
    Sedative sedation

  • Hospitalization

  • Stitch removal
    7-10 days
    after surgery

  • Recovery may vary
    on individuals

  • Characteristics of TL’s neck lifting

Neck skin is very thin as well as has fewer sebaceous glands, fewer lipids (essential to protect the skin from external factors) and fewer melanocytes (cells that produce the pigment that gives colour to your skin and protects it from sunlight) and has less muscle. As age processes, we are more likely to have lines, skin folds and neck wrinkles. Wrinkles are not gone away easily and tend to be remained.

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    Rapid recovery period

    Immediate to daily life after surgery

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    Minimum incision

    Small incision along behind the ears & no scarring

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    Semi-permanent effectiveness

    A long-lasting result with only one-time treatment

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    V line effect

    Improve face & neck winkles to get V-shaped line with glowing skin

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    Patient-customized system

    1:1 personalized consultation with TL’s experts

  • Whole responsibility system of TL’s lifting & anti-aging
  • Fully charged operation team with dedicated experts
  • 1:1 supervision of anesthesia residents
  • TL’s Neck Lift Surgical Procedure

Semi-permanent lifting with minimal incision around the behinds of ears! 

How to make smooth and elastic neck line!
Incision through behind of ears without scarring and swelling, No worries!!

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    Step 01

    Minimal incision through behinds of ears

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    Step 02

    Maximization of surgical effect via pulling up
    saggy skin and wrinkles in the direction of the arrows

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    Step 03

    (Incise around the behind of ears
    via a small incision, No scarring!)

  • TL’s Neck Lift Candidates

In general, good candidates for a neck lift include:

  • If you look old, tired, or overnight caused by sagging in the neck area
  • If you are concerned about fine wrinkles on the neck
  • If you make V shaped line on and around the jaw
  • If you would like to tighten loose neck muscles and remove excess, sagging skin, restoring a smother, firmer and better defined appearance to the neck
  • If you have a bad habit that cause wrinkles
Neck Lift for Fine Wrinkles 1
  • Assiduous studies & research activities in the field of lifting & anti-aging
  • Abundant clinical experience through various cases!

1:1 wholly responsibility management carried out!
  1. Plastic surgery specialists with profound experience & know-how Guarantee patient safety & satisfaction
  2. Presentation about the success of the clinical trial to home & abroad
  3. Live education carried out towards domestic & international medical staff
  4. Reports through public broadcasting & academic journals
  5. Extended research activities about lifting
  • Domestic & International live education progression for medical staffs
  • MBC Live TV program “This morning” participated in as an advisory
  • LA Times K-herald TL Plastic Surgery Reports
Power V Lift
  • TL’s Lifting
  • TL’s experts carried out live education towards medical experts in home & abroad
  • Dr. Jung Yeon Ho of TL plastic surgery aired in MBC Live show “Today Morning” as an advisory doctor
  • LA times K-herald reported news about TL plastic surgery
  • TL Lifting & Anti-Aging
  • Safe material approved by KDFA
  • Wholly charged lifting anesthesia system
  • Fast and effective V-line
  • 1:1 customized & personalized management with a high satisfactory result