• TL Anti-aging & Lifting
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    V-line without bone contouring

    V-line without bone contouring

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    Thread Lifing

    Wrinkles + Sagging + Elasticity Restoration

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    Heartline Fat Graft

    Plump up your face for younger appearance

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    Cheek Lifting

    Solution for sagging after facial contouring

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    Looking young never has been faster

    Petit plastic surgery

  • Anti-aging & Lifting System
  • Anti-aging & Lifting Specialist team
  • Anti-aging & Lifting Post-op Care Team
  • Continuous study on the new lifting methods
  • TL Anti-aging & Lifting
  • Affordable Price, Fast Satisfaction, Good Results!
Customized Lifting
for Every Patient

Through analysis on the patients’age and condition to provide the best lifting procedures

Same day surgery,
Same day discharge

Based on our lifting know-how obtained through years of experience, same day discharge is possible on the surgery day, promising fast recovery

Simple Procedure,
High Satisfaction

TL promises the most satisfactory results through our lifting & anti-aging procedures to give customized resolution for your problem areas.

Safety first, Certifies
Products Only

TAll equipments and products used are certified to provide the safest and most effective procedures for the patients’ safety.

  • TL Anti-aging & Lifting Specialty
  • Continuous study on the new lifting methods
    – TL continues to study to obtain new and improved lifting methods
  • 1:1 Customized Lifting Consultation
    – Anti-aging & Lifting director carefully plans the surgery by analyzing facial contour, bone structure,
    soft tissues, skin tissues, and more for the best result.
  • Anti-aging & Lifting Director’s Surgical Know-how
    Over 20 years on field with more than 10,000 surgical experiences promise the most satisfactory results
  • Anesthesiologist on site
    Anesthesiologist stand-bys from before the surgery to the finishing touch
  • Faster Recovery & Higher Satisfaction
    Subdivided surgical methods allow the most effective results; harmony + baby face for the 20s-30s,
    and restored youth aging prevention for the 40s & above
  • TL Anti-aging & Lifting
Introduction of Non-incisional Lifting 3
Introduction of Non-incisional Lifting 4
  • Career

Lifting specialist of 20 years of experience Various experiences & know-how in lifting & anti-aging Customized procedures by bone contour, skin composition, and wrinkle analysis Clinical trial presentation in domestic & international society Live surgery & educational for domestic & international doctors Continuous studies on lifting & anti-aging

Anti-aging & lifting procedures are often underestimated and mistaken to be relatively easy to perform. Many patients make mistakes of not carefully selecting the right surgeon to perform anti-aging & lifting procedures. Following “trends” or not doing enough research to find the doctor to perform your lifting procedures, even if it is just  injection or fillers can be dangerous. You should have thorough examination about your skin composition, and diagnosis on your aging process to make the best plan for your anti-aging needs.