Type of non-surgical Lifting 2
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    A type

    Volume DOWN + Tightning UP

Case A – Lumpy faceline because of the excess fat
TL Solution – Excess fat removal Restore elasticity

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    B type

    Volume DOWN + Lifting UP

Case B – Wrinkles beause of Excess fat on the jawline & cheeks
TL Solution -Fat reamoval + lifting on the sagging cheeks

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    C type

    Volume UP + Lifting UP

Case C – Not enough fat + sagging skin makes the face look square
TL Solution -Fill up the sunken parts + Lifting on the sagging parts

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    D type

    Volume UP

Case D – Wrinkles on the nasolabial lines + severe sagging on the cheeks
TL Solution – Sagging skin + wrinkle improvement

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    E type

    Lifting UP

Case E – Sagging skin after facial contouring surgery
TL Solution – Excess Skin & fat layer removal  + stretched skin enhancement