eunjin_eng_01 TL plastic surgery

Park Eun Jin Real Story

Name / Park Eun Jin
Age / 22
When / April. 2014
What / Power V (Double Chin), Buccal Fat Removal, Mask V, Forehead Fat Grafting

eunjin_eng_02 TL plastic surgery

Why! Did I visit TL Plastic surgery?

Since I was young, many people asked me questions like “Are you having a bad day? Are you in a bad mood?”

“Do you have a problem?”.

Every time I hear those questions, I looked in the mirror and felt sorry for myself.

I have a low ugly looking nose so thinking this was the problem, I already had rhinoplasty done, but nothing changed.

My saggy cheeks and double chin made my expression seem sad and tearful, and having no luck with diet, I decided to do face lifting!

My plump cheeks also made face look chubby.

So even though I dress up and put full makeup on, instead of looking pretty, I heard that I look like a ridiculous young girl with makeup on.

After I have surgery, I want to have a natural V line and take pictures without photoshop and want to look like a woman, not a young girl.

eunjin_eng_03 TL plastic surgery

What surgery did I receive?

eunjin_eng_04 TL plastic surgery

On the day of the surgery, I was so nervous that I only slept 3~4 hours.

I was scared but to overcome my fear, I kept thinking about how pretty I was going to become and that helped a lot.

I had the last consultation before the surgery with the doctor.

Everyone was so nice and caring and the doctor explained in detail about the surgery and I had faith in him.

I asked many questions so I could have been annoying, but he was very nice and answered all my questions. I was very grateful for that.

Anyway, I was so nervous up until I was lying on the operating table and had anesthesia.

I’m so excited to see the transformation when I open my eyes!


After the surgery : 6 months

See the difference for yourself

eunjin_eng_05 TL plastic surgery

My body kept shaking because I was too nervous and I couldn’t stop blabbering.

The nurses tried very hard to calm me down which helped.

I remember myself lying on the operating table and hearing the nurse saying that I will be falling asleep and…. 3…2…1… I fell asleep! 😀

After the surgery, I didn’t feel any pain on my face but only on my thighs where I had my fat taken out for my fat grafting.

In the recovery room, I kept looking in the mirror because I was so curious about how I changed.

My forehead got nice and plump and my new pointy chin looked amazing!

I’m very satisfied with my V line face already, but I hear that the lifting results will show after 3 months which I’m looking forward to it so much!

eunjin_eng_06 TL plastic surgery

I heard all plastic surgeries have the most swelling on 2~3rd day, which is so true! Because on the 3rd day, I was so SO swollen!

My nose, cheeks, and between my eyes were the parts most swollen. My face also felt numb and tight!

On the 3rd day, I removed the compression band and the bandages inside.

I can already see the V line when I take pictures! It’s so cool 😀

My biggest stress factor, which was my double chin is gone! WOW!

Thank you so much doctor!

I’m drinking a lot of pumpkin juice and applying ice pack for my swelling to go down.

I’m also eating well but avoiding spicy and salty food.

It’s now the 5th day, and the swelling has gone down dramatically. All my friends ask already where I did my surgeries.

They all want to become prettier like me!

My friends are astonished by my plump forehead which used to be very flat… they want to do fat grafting also.

I am so happy with myself and I keep thinking I should have done it sooner…!

My self-confidence keeps going up and UP!

Nowadays the weather is nice so I’ll be going out a lot for a walk to relieve my swelling.

eunjin_eng_07 TL plastic surgery

Today I removed my stitches and waterproof bands. I was afraid that it will hurt, but it didn’t feel painful at all! I was surprised!

The fat grafting seems to get smoother ^^

I put on the compression head band every day, and I’m so satisfied that I don’t have a double chin anymore!

It’s amazing that my face can get this slim.

eunjin_eng_08 TL plastic surgery

I couldn’t wash my face often after the surgery, so I have so much dead skin on my face..

I thought this was only happening to me so I asked other people who had fat grafting, and found out that this is normal… because most of them had similar experience.

As time goes by, my face line is getting smoother.

The bruises on my thighs that I got from liposuction are almost gone now.

At first, I thought the bruises will take forever to be gone, but after I awhile, I stopped caring about them and they were all gone before I knew it!

Nowadays I enjoy looking at myself in the mirror because I have such a smaller face!

eunjin_eng_09 TL plastic surgery

It’s been already 3 weeks since the surgery. Time goes by so fast!

I’m almost addicted to compression head band because when I’m wearing them, I feel like I’m getting slimmer 😀

I hear it’s good to wear compression band from time to time for a month so I’m wearing them as much as I can.

Now I don’t have to sleep in a face-up position all the time but in any position I want.

My friends all say I made the right choice to have surgery, so I’m having the best time of my life these days!

eunjin_eng_10 TL plastic surgery

I did my 2nd fat grafting a month and half after the surgery.

Seems like I had the surgery just yesterday but it’s time for my 2nd fat grafting already…. Time flies!

Having it 2nd time is more effective than having it 1st time.

My face looks much smoother!

Now I have a nice pointy chin and since I didn’t sculpt my chin bone, it looks so natural.

The face lifting result is supposed to be shown after 3 months, and now I can really see it. My face line is more smooth and firmer.

My boyfriend really likes my new face. He keeps saying it got so smaller ^^

I no longer need to do photoshop for my pictures. I love face lifting! I really recommend it!

eunjin_eng_11 TL plastic surgery

I can’t believe it’s already 6 months since my surgery.

Now all the swelling is gone and my fat grafting is so satisfying. I feel like I’m reborn with a gorgeous looking face!

I’ve been on a diet and I was worried that the fat will disappear, but it didn’t 😀

I was also worried that the face lifting won’t last long but I don’t think I have to worry about that!

eunjin_eng_12 TL plastic surgeryeunjin_eng_13 TL plastic surgery

The double chin that I tried so hard to get rid off is gone and my saggy cheeks are lifted and firm.

Now I have a nice V line face and I’m truly happy.

The transformation is unbelievable and my family and friends compliment me every time they see me.

At first I thought why would a young girl in her 20s like me

should get a face lift but I’m really glad I had it.

Most of all, I heard many comments like I look like a young teenage girl, but now I look like an attractive and feminine woman.

I am so happy with the results.