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Jo sua Real Story

Name /Sua Jo
Age / 22
When / July.2014
What / Teardrop breast augmentation

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Why! Did I visit TL Plastic surgery?

My flat breasts have been the biggest concern since when I was young. 🙁

Even the people I first met pointed out my small breasts, and It was so stressful!!

I could only wear boxy T shirt during summer to hide my body shape….  🙁

Then, My friend had Breast surgery at TL Plastic surgery,

and It was sooooo soft and natural when I touched them!

My friend’s natural breasts encouraged me to visit TL Plastic surgery for breast consultation 🙂

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What surgery did I receive?

Once I decided to have breasts augmentation,

I’ve been to many plastic surgery clinic for breast consultation.

I’ve been to famous clinic, big clinic, and TL Plastic surgery was one of them where My friend had breast augmentation.

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After the surgery : 6 months

See the difference for yourself

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After the surgery ,

It was so hard to move my body..

My breast were wrapped around with the bandage, and I felt nothing when I touched them.

3 days after, bandage were unwrapped for a while for check-up, and It was so big !! 😀

A week after, I started to wear correction bra and It was much more comfortable !

I showed to my mother,

and she liked my breasts too 😉

josua_breast_eng_06 TL plastic surgery

I met the doctor today for check-up.

Doctor said they looks great !

I didn’t need to remove the stitches since doctor only used medical bond on the surface

Doctor told me to keep wearing correction bra for 1-2 months more.

I also had after care for the fast recovery,

The nurse were so kind and the care was so good 🙂

josua_breast_eng_07 TL plastic surgery

The nurse told me that I have less swelling than average.

She also said,

It usually takes about 1 year to be normal like my original breasts.

I still feel awkward but I love it!

I’m keep applying the scar care tapes on the scar area.

I  hope my scar to fade away

as soon as possible 😉

josua_breast_eng_08 TL plastic surgery

Shape and the texture of my breasts are still a bit awkward,

But I don’t feel any pain, and I don’t have any discomfort .

I should be more patient !

I was worried about the size because I thought it might be too big.

But,  If I had chosen the implant smaller than 295cc, I would have regretted.

I’m so glad that I listened to the doctor 😉

Now, I can wear any clothes! No more boxy t shirts!

josua_breast_eng_09 TL plastic surgery

Now, I don’t feel any discomfort.

They are just like my original breasts 🙂

I can feel that my breasts got so softer than before as well.

I also feel like my breast got smaller because swelling subsided.

It means breasts looks more natural !

I can’t wait for the summer to show off my new breasts ;D

josua_breast_eng_10 TL plastic surgery

It has already been 6 months.. Wow, I feel like surgery was only yesterday!

It was amazing experience to see my breast’s change everyday.

I started to wear normal wire bra from post-op 3 months.

It takes time to be natural,

 and now 6 months after the surgery, they looks and feels

natural just like original breasts!

I would love to recommend breast augmentation

to people who has same concern as I used to have!

Thanks for the doctor and staffs at TL Plastic surgery once again 😀


josua_breast_eng_11 TL plastic surgeryjosua_breast_eng_12 TL plastic surgery

I’m so confident of my body, and myself !

Nobody can point out my body

And I can be proud of myself instead of being stressed 🙂 

Stop being stressed , No more hesitating

Visit TL Plastic surgery !