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Alex Real Story

Name / Alex
Age / 20
When / Oct. 2014
What / 3D Zygoma Reduction, Jaw Reduction, Ptosis Correction, Chin Reduction

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Why! Did I visit TL Plastic surgery?

Before I decided to have plastic surgery, I had preconceived views of men having plastic surgeries.

I also didn’t feel the need to have one, but as I started to hear that my face looks big because of my square jaw, I started to feel unsatisfied with my appearance.

So after giving careful thinking, I decided to have plastic surgery. But it took courage to actually go have consultation.

When I first arrived for consultation, it was mostly women so I felt embarrassed.

I knew nothing about plastic surgeries… I even thought orthognatic surgery and facial contouring was the same thing!

But after doing a lot of online research and consultation, I knew there were many types of surgeries and surgical methods.

What I cared about was as much as facial contouring was a big operation, how much experience did the surgeon have and does the clinic have anesthesiologists.

The most important thing was will they give me the result I want?

After having series of consultations at multiple clinics, I decided to do eyeplasty also and chose TL Plastic Surgery because of its fame for male plastic surgery.

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What surgery did I receive?

alex_eng_01_04 TL plastic surgery

After consulting with the consultant, I met the main doctor.

I have a slightly asymmetrical face and I wanted to improve that as much as possible.

Also I wanted my eyes to look more definite and clear and the doctor recommended me surgeries I should have and explained to me in detail about the surgical methods and procedures.

He also explained about the results and I was already looking forward to it!


After the surgery : 8 months

See the difference for yourself

alex_eng_01_05 TL plastic surgery

I was very swollen up to post-op 2~3 days but after the 5th day, the swelling started to go down.

Today’s the 7th day, so I went to TL to remove my stitches. I heard removing stitches were the most painful part so I was worried but it wasn’t painful as I thought it would be.

The doctor told me that I took good care of insides of my mouth so it was recovering well.

Next week I would get aftercare for swelling and I wish to have them soon so my swelling will go down.

alex_eng_01_06 TL plastic surgery

The results are starting to show and it doesn’t look unnatural when I take selfies.

I was instructed not to chew for 2 months because it’s bad for my zygoma so I’ve been eating soft food until now, but I’m starting to chew some food. I can’t wait to chew and taste food again.

I wish time will go by faster.



alex_eng_01_07 TL plastic surgery

It’s been 4 months now. I’ve lost some cheek fat compared to last month… I think ^^

Doctor told me my bones have adhered well so I can start chewing food except too hard ones and also can open my mouth as wide as I can.

It still feels tight around my cheeks and chin but I have no problem in daily life so it’s okay.

alex_eng_01_08 TL plastic surgery

It’s been 8 months since I had my facial contouring. I think time is going by really fast.

Now it feels like my own face and I feel no discomfort. Everytime I take selfies, I feel satisfied and glad that I had facial contouring because my chin looks so nice and narrow!


alex_eng_01_09 TL plastic surgery

It’s been exactly a year since my surgery. I feel great!

It reminds me of how nervous I was before the surgery.

Yesterday I went to take CT at TL and I was told everything looks good.

The doctor and the TL staff all recognized me and took good care of me so I felt shy but also good 🙂

These days, I feel every day is special! My face and eyes look very natural so I’m very satisfied with the results and I’m glad that I’ve chose TL!