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Choi Jina Real Story

Name / Choi Jina
Age / 24
When / April. 2014
What / Facial contouring, Rhinoplasty, Eyeplasty, Fat graft

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Why! Did I visit TL Plastic surgery?

I’ve been told that I could be a model because of my height, but I was not confident about myself.

I had eyeplasty and rhinoplasty 2 years ago,

but the nose was unnatural, and eyes didn’t suit my face.

I worked as an online fitting model, but I couldn’t work long because I wasn’t pretty enough.

I saw advertisement of TL Plastic surgery, And I visited this clinic to change myself

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After the surgery : 7 months

See the difference for yourself

jina_eng_05 TL plastic surgery

It was the worst day..

It was so hard to breath, and I couldn’t even open my eyes!

I was staying over night at the clinic. The nurses kept checking on me and changed the ice packs overnight!

jina_eng_06 TL plastic surgery

I visited the clinic for check up.

My voice was still gone And throat was still sore 🙁

I  removed tapes and some stitches on day 5.

I’m dying to wash my face properly !

jina_eng_07 TL plastic surgery

It’s been a week, I have removed all the stitches and tapes on my face 🙂

swelling has subsided a lot. I still have bruise though..

2 weeks after the surgery, Stitches inside of mouth was removed too.

I still have to wait much more for the final result, but I already like the result !

jina_eng_08 TL plastic surgery

It’s been a month, I still have swelling on the cheeks.

But people already told me that my face got so much smoother and smaller!

I can’t wait for the swelling to go down! I want to see the final results 🙂

jina_eng_09 TL plastic surgery

Few days ago I had my 2nd fat grafting, so my face got a bit swelled up and full again.

I heard having it 2nd time gives better results.

I no longer have any uncomfortable feelings and I’ve never heard so many compliments in my life!

jina_eng_10 TL plastic surgery

It’s been 3 months, and I still have some minor swelling.

But as you can see in my selfies, all the major swelling is gone.

My mom says I look so pretty and my friends envy me because my face got smaller!

After 4 months, my fat grafting results look very natural. Now I can’t even remember how I used to look before.

I do a lot of self facial massage. I want to be prettier and do a lot of home aftercare for better results ^^

jina_eng_11 TL plastic surgery

Swelling is going down faster. At first I thought my cheeks got saggy because of zygoma reduction,

but skin elasticity is back again. I love that I don’t have to photoshop my selfies anymore.

My face line is very smooth.

Time takes care of everything, so those of you who are worried after surgery, just be patient and wait!

My selfies show off my V-line face and I am so satisfied.

I recommend it to everyone and hope everyone will lead a new happier life like me 🙂

jina_eng_12 TL plastic surgery

It really feels like my own natural face now!

I thought the swelling was all gone,

but I guess there is still minor swelling, because people keep telling me my swelling is getting better.

I can’t believe it’s been 7 months since surgery…

because at first I couldn’t wait for time to go by.

I originally had cheeks like hamsters so I was afraid it might get saggy, but no worries about that!

jina_eng_13 TL plastic surgery

At first I visited TL to regain my self-confidence.

Thanks to TL, I have high self-confidence and a beautiful appearance now 🙂

My friends all tell me to start working as a model again, and I’m getting ready to work!

Remember, time heals everything!

At first it feels like time will never pass, but patience is the key!

Thank you TL!