leo_eng_01 TL plastic surgery

Leo Real Story

Name / Leo
Age / 24
When / 2014.04
What / 3D Zygoma Reduction, Jaw Reduction,V-Genioplasty, forehead fat grafting

leo_eng_02 TL plastic surgery


Why! Did I visit TL Plastic surgery?

My big chin and prominent cheekbones were my huge complex, so in the winter I always cover my face as much as I can with a muffler to hide them.

People often asked me if I gained weight because of my cheekbones.

Because of my facial bone structure problem, although I like to take selfies, I  hate to take picture at the same time as my big chin and cheekbones make my face look larger than other people and what makes it even worse is that, my eyes, nose, and lips look like they are jamming inside my face.

But one day one of my friends did his facial contouring surgery in TL and it was like…wow, his face became so small I could barely remember his huge face previous to the surgery!

As nowadays one of the beauty trends of men is small face so…I decided to follow my friend’s footsteps to TL Plastic Surgery Hospital ^^

leo_eng_03 TL plastic surgery


What surgery did I receive?

leo_eng_04 TL plastic surgery

Actually, I went to several Plastic Surgery Hospitals but in the end I chose TL because well, my friend did it here and also because I could confidently trust the doctor.

As a guy I was worried because I was afraid that I would look kind of feminine after the surgery. However the doctor told me I will still look masculine and sharper and smoother in the facial line with reduced facial area.

Plus, I wanted to have an implant to make my sunken forehead look plump but the doctor told me I would look too feminine so he opted me to go for fat grafting instead.

I was already quite expectant of the result.


After the surgery : 8 months

See the difference for yourself

leo_eng_05 TL plastic surgery

These are the pictures of me after 5 days, 10 days.

I was told the swelling will be really bad from second day to third day, and it definitely shows in the picture T_T.

But it didn’t hurt that much because of the intravenous painkiller they gave me after the surgery.

The staff also took good care of me so I didn’t have a big difficulty afterwarsds.

It was of course tough experiencing post-operative symptoms but I reminded myself they are nothing compared to the transformation I was about to experience.

On the fifth day, the swelling was much better than 2~3 day. I wore the elastic band as often as I could.

The nurses told me men swells more than women, but my recovery speed is good compared to bad swelling.

I still have a lot of swelling but eye and nose area got much better. As I was advised to take a walk as often as I can to reduce swelling so I walked a lot.

And well, the daily activities weren’t too bad to do. I just wish my post-operative care will make my swelling go away faster.

leo_eng_06 TL plastic surgery

It has been a month since the operation day.

I thought the major swellings are gone but they told me it is far from over.

But it is definite that length of my face is shorter, and profile line is much prettier. My parents told me my face now look very similar to the face I had as a young boy.

I am continuously receiving post operative care from TL, so I hope I can show you final result as soon as possible ^^

leo_eng_07 TL plastic surgery

It has been 3 months already. Now I have no problem with opening my mouth and daily life.

I still have a little remaining swellings but I can observe that they are slowly disappearing ^^

I felt that the feelings in my cheeks are rather dull, but after a while I feel normal again. I heard this is frequently experienced, so it is not something to worry about seriously.

At first, I was really worried as facial contouring is a big surgery. But at this moment I think going for the facial contouring surgery is like the best thing I had decided to do in my life.

Now people tell me that I look younger than my age.

leo_eng_08 TL plastic surgery

It has been 6 months after the surgery.

Now the remaining swellings are almost gone and I think this is the time when the optimal result is finally showing.

Everybody tells me I look good and when I visited TL Plastic Surgery, the doctor and nurses told me my impression has greatly changed.

I can see the changes and feel more confident about myself now.

My friends now are more interested in facial contouring surgery because of me, so I’m recommending it to them and giving them information as much as I can ^^


leo_eng_09 TL plastic surgery

I can do normal daily life. Facial expression is easier to make and I look more gentle ^^

TL told me the de-swelling takes about 1 year, so I think I still have remaining swelling. My mouth is opening wider now. The best part is, nobody

knows if I had the surgery done except my acquaintances, friends and family. I guess the surgery is done that naturally ^^


leo_eng_10 TL plastic surgery

I’ve forgotten how I used to look in the past and feel reborn and very happy ^^

I have a youthful face which makes me feel I became younger.

I love the fact that I no longer have to cover my face with masks or mufflers 🙂